There are 2 components that work together to track all of the clicks and conversions. The affiliate link which is placed on the affiliate’s website, and the conversion pixel which is placed your checkout success page (Thank You page). Here is summary of the process:

A customer, let’s call him Joe, comes to an affiliate’s website and clicks on a CrushOffers affiliate link.  That link redirects him to your website and places a cookie in his web browser which stores the Affiliate’s ID.  The cookie is retained there for the “cookie expiration period” which is typically between 30-120 days.

Joe makes a purchase on your website and after a payment is made he is redirected to your checkout success page.  The cookie stored in his browser triggers your conversion pixel to fire which sends the details of the transaction to CrushOffers servers.

The 3 standard pieces of information that are sent are Price, Affiliate ID #, and Transaction ID #.  There are several other variables that can be added if your specific situation requires it, however they are not usually necessary.

If you have any questions please email them to [email protected]. If you would like to join our network, please fill out either an Advertiser application or an Affiliate application so we can get started!